Getting Started & FAQs

How do I post an internship or job? 

It's easy! You, your HR Manager or anyone else can take charge of the process here. If you already have an internship or job posting on your company's website and would like the YNG+ team to transfer the posting to the YPO website, submit a request here.

If you have any additional questions, please consult our guided tour on how to post an opportunity here or email yngcareers@ypo.org.

Haven't hosted an intern before? Here's some sample posting jobs to get you started!

Finance : Marketing : Special Projects (Office of the President)

How do I find a great intern?

YPO interns are looking for connections with you, the member. It is important to make sure that your posting is completely filled out with as much information about your company and the opportunity as possible. By hosting an internship through YPO, there are many ways to ensure you recruit the best fit for your company. Consider adding to your posting whether you are willing to take an intern to chapter events, introduce them to your forum, host them in your home, or work with other YPO members in your area to bring your YPO interns together during their internship duration.

Interns can also provide a new perspective to your business. Is there an idea or project that you've always wanted to look into, but have never had the time to devote to it? Consider hosting an intern who will bring a fresh perspective to your company!

What kind of internships are YNG+ers looking for?

Most of YNG+ members are looking for an internship in business administration, communications & marketing, or finance and banking. Most YPO companies have a Finance department and a Marketing department and that's a great place to start as an internship host! Many YNG+ers are also looking for internships with YPO entrepreneurs. 

New York, Los Angeles, Boston, and London are the most requested locations, but YNG+ers are also looking for internships from Miami, Singapore, Hong Kong, Cape Town and more from across the globe! 

How do I find an internship for my young adult child?

YPO internships are open to YNG+ members. YNG+ is the user-pay ($295/child), international program for young adult children (18-30) of YPO members. Through YNG+ membership, your young adult will have access to internships and jobs through YPO, as well as a host of other offerings. You can find more information here about YNG+ and enroll your young adult here.

If you choose to enroll your young adult, they will have access to the YNG+ community website, which serves a similar function to the YPO Exchange. From there, they can search and apply for jobs and internships in their field. They can also use the YPO Employer Directory to connect with more YPO members. Additionally, YPOers will list under their "Contact" if they are open to unsolicited job applications. Your young adult can also access the "MicroMentors" program to connect with YPOers in their field for 15 minute mentoring conversations or to learn more about their business/industry. 

Do I need to pay interns?

Each country has different laws about whether or not interns need to be paid. Below are several resources that can help you determine what is right for your company.