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YNG+ is the only place where YNGers can access YPO international events - from Innovation Week to YPO's Inaugural Blockchain Technologies Summit, YNG+ is your all-access pass!  

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Experience "Only-in-YNG+" leadership, growth, and personal connections. From London Business School to Behind the Scenes of Sports & Hollywood, YNG+ is taking you where you need to go! 

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Internships are just the beginning. YPO members are online connecting with YNGers from around the globe. Year-round access and support programming to guide the next steps in your career. Members, enroll your company as an Employer here.

virtual mentoring

Join industry-centered cohorts for six months with YPO member mentors. Mentee applications are processed quarterly for YNG+ers to have the opportunity to learn with and be mentored by YPO industry leaders.

YNG+ Events

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YNG+ and Women's YPO Networking in New York City

Women's YPO meets female YNG+ members in New York City to discuss how to make it! From family business to entrepreneurship YPO members shared their stories and advice with YNG+ers moving up in the professional world.

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YNG+ Public Speaking Mastery

Teaches YNG+ers the art of being a persuasive and effective public speaker. Held on the campus of Stanford University, YNG+ Public Speaking Mastery 2019 empowered young adults to speak with confidence!



Designed to help YNG+ers build a business with social impact, YNG+ Impact is a weekend of exploration in the Swiss alps.

YNG+ Impact takes participants through themes of inspiration, self-reflection, personal and organizational resilience and social impact business models. Participants gain a deeper understanding of how to design a business with positive social impact.

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YNG+ London Business School

For years, YPO members from around the world have embraced the highly-rated London Business School program as an event that delivers best business practices and invaluable insight for overcoming the challenges of growing a company. Building on the success of that program, YNG+ London Business School offers YNG+ members (age 22 and older) having three or more years of business experience the same world-class resources and real-life scenarios to help them lead and manage a fast-growing business or unit thereof.

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YNG+ iLAB: Innovation and Disruption Powered by Harvard

A practical, hands-on research and learning program designed especially for YNG+ in partnership with Harvard Business School.

This groundbreaking eight-week program is powered by HBS’s new digital platform, HBX, and taught by none other than HBS’s Clayton Christensen – one of the world leaders of innovation, disruption and growth in business.

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Were you in Cape Town during the EDGE? YNG+ Unleashing the Power of Creativity was a two-day experience giving YNG+ers a taste of the YPO EDGE all in their own space with specially curated programming.

The concept of Life of RE_ (the YPO EDGE 2019 tag line) is something YNG+ers are more familiar with than anyone – the fact that we are living through radical change which is redefining our way of life daily. This was an incredible opportunity for YPO’s future leaders to take time out and learn how to use their creative forces to lean optimistically into the future.

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YNG+ Navigating & Nailing The Job Search

College students united for an Only-in-YPO workshop that provided them with an opportunity to develop their job search strategy with enhanced skills and confidence. YNG+ Navigating and Nail the Job Search attendees learned valuable job search and interview techniques to put forward their best self to land their dream job. This workshop is intended to fill the gaps where college career services lack expertise, tools and relevant knowledge in the ever-changing digital world of talent recruitment.

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