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YNG+ in 2019

Interested in being part of a YNG+ event in 2019? Email yng@ypo.org for more information on registering for any of the events below!

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Forum 101 - Prerequisite to Forum Participation
Forum is a cornerstone of being involved with YPO, and YNG+ is extending the virtual offering to YNG+ members around the globe. Before YNG+ members get involved with Forum, you have to be taken through trainings with a Certified Forum Facilitator.

Tim Peek, Certified Forum Facilitator, will use these three training sessions to give you an understanding of what Forum is, why it’s important and how you can use the practice to build trust relationships with your YNG+ peers in Forum groups.

GCC: Why Everyone Needs a ‘Massive Transformative Purpose’ (and How to Find Yours)
Businesses that are putting purpose at the heart of what they do are outperforming non-purpose driven companies and have much more engaged and motivated employees. Learn how leaders can put purpose into their business with simplicity, speed and scale.

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GCC: It Pays to Influence: The Business of Social Media Influencers
Learn what a social media influencer is and how influencers affect product development and revenue growth in today’s social media driven world. Find out who’s making money, how they are doing it and for how much – and whether you should hire an influencer for your company.

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Seth Godin - How We Change the World
Each one of us has more power than ever before to see the world as it is, to contribute, and to make things better. With hard work and desire, put your power toward creating a better world.

Join Seth Godin, Marketing Hall of Fame inductee and renowned entrepreneur, best-selling author, and speaker, as he shows us how the spread of ideas can change everything.


INSEAD Global Family Enterprise Program
Planning for family harmony and business sustainability requires careful strategy and yet most families ignore or avoid the topic altogether. The INSEAD Global Family Enterprise Program puts those topics front and center so that your family business has the best chance to thrive for many generations.

This is the first ever YPO program to cater exclusively to YPOers, spouses/partners and YNG+ers with family businesses, which represent 40 percent of the YPO membership. Members and spouses/partners are encouraged to bring their YNG+ children.

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YNG+ at Harvard Leadership Program
Experience the power of the Harvard Business School case-study method – a proven learning method that exposes participants to case studies in order to develop leadership skills and take organizations to the next level. This is the same method used for the YPO and YPO Gold Harvard Business School programs.

Successful business leaders understand that education is the key to evolution. This program, open to spouses/partners and YNG+ members who own or operate a business, work in a high-level position within a business organization and/or hold a professional position, is a unique opportunity to step back from the day-to-day and explore new ideas.


Melbourne Business School
For years, YNG+ers from around the world have developed best business practices and gained invaluable insights at the YNG+ London Business School and through the YNG+ iLab series powered by Harvard Business School.

YNG+ers can access a world-class education in the Southern Hemisphere through YNG+ Melbourne Business School as it brings like-minded young professionals together with top faculty and thought leaders to help build progressive and innovative leaders of the future.